Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hello and welcome to my second blog, today's blog will be about going to Wrest Park.

On Thursday the 4th of August I went to Wrest Park with my friend N.We started off in the park play area first and then went inside the gardens.My brother had his friend with him as well.My mum and I's mum went to find a place to sit down and me and N went for a wonder around.First of all we went to Ladies lake and explored around that area and then my mum text me and told me to come back for lunch because it was 12:15. We sat down and ate our lunch and enjoyed it A LOT! (NUM NUM NUM )

After that me and N went to the Bath house.Which in my opinion is the most creepy building there !!!(AAAAHHHH)Once we were away from the Bath house we started to head back to my mum and we took a short cut.Whilst taking that short cut we discovered a "miracle of nature"
  A DEAD BIRD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   N screamed so loud my mum and I's mum heard and we weren't even close to them ! We went back to the mums and we all headed back home .

Thank you for reading this blog i hope you enjoyed it !!! 
And sorry but you will have to wait for the next one to be published.    BYE !!!!!!!!

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