Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hi viewers,welcome to mt first ever blog. 

I went to Sennen which is in Cornwall.It was so fun,despite the 8 1/2 hour drive. Once we arrived we put our tent up and sorted all the luggage.After that we went for fish and chips.We finish that and then sat down for an hour or so and after that we went to bed. (ZZZZZZZZZZZ)

On Sunday, we went to Lands End for a walk around the cliffs, to search for Sennen cove beach.My brother climbed every rock possible and asked for a photo to be taken.We all laughed( HAHAHA). We walked about a mile to find the beach. When we finally found it ......... WE HAD NO IDEA HOW TO GET BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( DUH DUH DUH ). We had to text a friend who came to Sennen every year for directions. We had to climb a mountain,to get back. 

The next day, me and my family went to the beach it was extremely enjoyable.We played beach tennis and I was supposed to go body,bording but I said no because the water was to cold (BRRRRRR). So we went back to shore and made my brother into a sand mermaid.Then we went back to the tent,and had tea and then went to bed.

On Tuesday,we went to Flambards theme park ,and went on lots of rides. We went on Log Flume about 12 times and we got soaking(SPLASH).We also went on the hornet roller coaster 3 times but the Thunderbolt was by far the best!!!You go upside down how cool is that !!!!!!

Bye guys thank you all I hope you enjoyed reading it. For now goodbye !!!!!!  

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